Wednesday, April 12

Top 5 Secondary Character Roles I Would like to have in an Archie Comic

1. The sporty guy. He's pretty popular, and he has a steady girlfriend. Does well in school, and he's pretty much got his life planned out. This guy has success written all over him.
2. The musician. Usually any musician in the Archie comics that wasn't a part of the Archies was a nemesis. But I think I'd be okay with that. I mean, how many times did Archie and his buddies run into "Bizarro world" Archie and his buddies? They all have their own little worlds. The musician usually has about 2 or 3 girls on the go. They can't settle down.
3. The nerd. Not the most desirable, but considering the inventions that Dilton came up with, I wouldn't complain. And obviously the nerd will eventually be rich and quite possibly save the world. Plus, Archie and his friends are always willing to help the nerd with his girl problems.
4. The guy. You know, those guys you never hear of, until one day Archie says, "Hey, there's my buddy Dan," like he's known him all his life. I think it would be alright to be that guy. He may or may not have a girlfriend, but he's probably pretty nice. And he may have some kind of talent. Like baseball or something.
5. The rich guy. Veronica is always falling for the rich guy. I'd be this guy just to woo her and rub it in Archie's face. Of course, I'd lose in the end, because Archie would come up with some zany scheme to expose my excessive vanity and win Veronica's heart. But really, I'd still be rich and good looking. And let's face it, Veronica is a bit of a hussy. I think I'd move on pretty quickly.

I enjoy being the nerd. Veronica's actually into them more so than the rich guy, cause she's into me. I know from experience. If ya catch my drift. That way, you have Archie helping you with your girl troubles, but in're just screwing him out of his plans with Veronica...remember when Archie caught a cold, and had to wear a space helmet on his date with Veronica wouldn't catch it? Yeah...that actually wasn't a was an unknown virus that I invented that I slipped into his fruit punch when he wasn't looking. When it comes down to it...Archie's a sucker...and I like to take advantage of suckers. Oh day I WILL HAVE YOU. Once I shoot Reggie, and destroy that dumb redhead's future.
uhh... wow, ryan. just wow.
You know that one day Betty and Veronica will finally wake up and realize what a dork Archie is. Except that they never actually age.
I think Dan wants to date cartoon characters...
Maybe Dan IS a cartoon character...
Perhaps . . .
You have never met me.

I always kind of secretly thought you were a robot.
Dan, if you met Jenn you might be pleasently surprised to find out that she isn't a robot.

She doesn't really think you're a cartoon character, just funny
"She doesn't really think you're a cartoon character, just funny."

real nice play-by-play there Allison. REAL NICE......
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