Friday, April 14

Top 5 Reasons Jenn thinks Dan is a Cartoon Character (A rebuttal)

1. He is excessively charming. Only a cartoon character could be as charming as he.
2. He has Archie-like freckles. Seriously, nobody can match Dan's freckle count.
3. He is cute like a cartoon character. Can I call myself cute?
4. His KD with bacon is SO good, it takes on cartoonish qualities of excellence.
5. Eat it Jenn.

Well played, Dan, well played...
I'm going to go on record and admit that yours was better.

That was humbling.
i still think bacon wins..grumblegrumble
Amen to bacon.
to be honest i think dan wins this round. rule # 49 clearly states "Any person to use the phrase 'EAT IT' in a stopfiverecord post must always win.
you bring the kd...i'll buy bacon and butter...
well jenn? defend the family honor.
Rule Number #87:
If your mother tells you to defend the family honor over a cook off then preform the cook off on the weekend of April 22. YES
Rule #24:

If one of the members is not present on the weekend of the 22nd, the cookoff shall be postponed to a more convenient date.
can i come to the cook off? two allisons are better than one....
Rule #121

How the heck am I supposed to bring the bacon if I'm in Africa when you have the cookoff?? huh?? huh Dan?? comeon!!
switz i hear you, ill be in my motherland too... and correction Rule #232 is no unfair cooking parties while members are in foriegn places.
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