Thursday, April 13

Top 5 reasons Dan thinks Jenn is a robot...

1) Robots are cool, and Jenn is cool, you do the math
2) Some robots are made of steel, I am the woman of steel
3) Although he's never seen it, I'm sure Dan knows I can do a mean robot dance
4) In old Tv shows's Robots always speak in the third person, Jenn does this all the time
5) Robot's can do multiple things at one make killer mac and cheese with tuna, and destroy gross mac and cheese with bacon, jenn does this all day long...

well played, jenn, well played.
no, clearly, bacon is superior...
Can we just finally have the KD cook off... its just making me so darn hungery thinking about it all the time.. this weekend!?
I would like to support this KD cook off.... really really really hungry over here....pleeease?
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