Saturday, April 8

Top 5 Reality TV Shows

1. Amazing Race - The people get to travel all around the world, plus it highlights the importance of someone being easy to travel with if you are going to be together. (incidentally, i think that i am great for travelling with, and would do very well on this show)
2. The Apprentice - The stakes are high (you can actually work for Trump at the end) and the people are generally intelligent and a little mean. That is just good entertainment.
3. Rock Star - well, Rock Star INXS was super cool; I don't really know how this new one will be.
4. Survivorman - OK, I have only seen this once, but, man, this guy is pretty damn cool. He just gets dropped somewhere, with the clothes on his back, and his camera equipment, and has to survive for a week without any further supplies.
5. America's Next Top Model - A guilty pleasure, but so much fun. Girls being bitchy to each other, Tyra being super cheesy, plain, skinny girls being dressed up and photographed and turn out looking good. Drama, drama, drama. I don't miss an episode.

America's next top model is, for some reason,'s like driving past a car just can't look away...
America' Next Top Model is ridiculous.

And I don't mean "Ridiculously Good" either.
Much Music VJ Search ... some how i became addicted to this season... maybe because i know Tim! ... Yes hes dreamy in real life too.
You know Tim?
I so wanted him to win.
I love the Apprentice. Monday is one of my favorite tv nights b/c there's Prision Break (my guilty pleasure), The Apprentice, and then 24!! Ang
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