Sunday, April 16

Top 5 Random Comments at Easter Dinner...

1) Grandma Jean: "We're so cute"...Grandma Louise: "Damn right we are"
2) Mum: "I know, Let's put the dog in the tuba!"
3) Cameron: "Oh, it's the Dutch family, they just play with themselves"
4) Mum: "Do you like the potatoes?" (500x)
5) Grandma Jean: "Those Damn teachers get paid too much anyway"

I love that Cameron fellow
i love that anonymous fellow
HAHAHAH JUST KIDDING! I WROTE THE ONE FROM CAMERON... i felt guilty after posting it... :(
I don't know what that comment about the Dutch family is supposed to mean. But this could be trouble. I don't think you want to see me defend my (part) heritage. It won't be pretty.
I would like to love them both ;)
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