Monday, April 24

Top 5 Moments from the Wedding I went to this Weekend

1. All the Donkers brothers together at one event. What a devastating combo. The ladies don't know what to do with themselves. Also, for the reccord, my youngest brother Mark has dubbed himself "the most explosive Donkers." I would have to agree. Although we're an altogether explosive family.
2. Chocolate fountain.
3. Being a wingman for a good friend. And let me tell you, I was good. I got the conversation started, and then bowed out gracefully. I also deflected an interrupter. I had some help from Mark on this one.
4. Celebrating Brian's new girlfriend. And being the first to text message him a memo from the boss. RE: I love you.
5. The couple getting married were so cute. She was the smiliest girl I've ever seen. That was sweet.

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