Tuesday, April 11

Top 5 Moments from the trip to Maine Island (remember that one???)

1. Lounging around like bums and listening to Allie read out loud from Lord of the Rings for hours on end.
2. Building a fort. Forts are great.
3. Exploring the treasures of the island from one entire end to the other
4. The rain, the rain, the rain. Doing what seemed like absolutely nothing for ever and ever and ever...ahh, it was glorious.
5. Hanging out in the convenience store. When you're on a small island, and everything is closed, you can always count on the convenience store.

Honorable mention: There was only one movie that was watched during that time...and something about it stands out in my mind as being creepy or very weird. However I fell asleep and don't really have any clear memories as to what it was.

it's funny because holly-anne and i were just talking about how we as friends should take some sort of holiday together.....like how you all went to maine island. (as you may recall i did not go on that trip. no bitterness. seriously. i'm fine)
but we saw you right after as soon as we got back...and we tried to go to krispy kreme but it was still all such a big hype that it was way too busy to get into...but you were our very first priority....remember????
C'mon! Worrying about Rob croaking didn't make your top 5? I'll admit I was a lot closer to the issue, but still...jeez.
Oh and the movie was the Luzhin Defence in which the main character, a chess genius, kills himself at the end. Seriously, there was some subtle death stalking on that trip. You guys lucked out.
I'd like to suggest an honorable mention for the guys. That sweet awesome paramedic. We did him a solid.
rob, i did think of you, but it seemed somehow wrong to put your near death on a top five list of memorable moments.
How about the deer jerky... and leaving the ruined pot outside on the people's porch because we were too ashamed to return it in person?
i think i tried to block that movie out of my memory, cause i just dont remember it...
For me, it was a choice between blocking the movie or the game of Missionary Conquest.

I think I made the right choice.
haha, missionary conquest....and the pot. oh how much i had forgotten. the deer jerkey i do remember - i just ran out of numbers to add it. there was also the giant fish which was lying beside me when i awoke at one point...at least i think it was me that happened to. compliments of the hoopster. oh what fun.
Jo, how could you forget? I made the deer jerky, then made you take the ruined pan back to the neighbours.
holly, jo said she didn't remember the movie.
don't get all defensive.
quit panicking.
yeah, did I mention that I can't read?
lol, i definetely remember the deer...and the best part of the whole experience was actually going to the neighbors to get the pot in the first place
Also, the picture in the bathroom.
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