Tuesday, April 11

Top 5 good and bads about being home sick with the stomach flu along with your husband

1. You get to eat what you want whenver you want (though your choices are usually limited to soup or crackers and you get tired of those pretty quickly)
2. You get to miss work (but then again, today turned out to be my day off and the day I was going to do all sorts of things that I had to get done)
3. When you're husband is sick you have someone to be with you and sympathize with you (yet it's a lost harder to care for each other when you are both ill)
4.For once you have the time to sit down and just read a good book (but then when you have a piercing headache you can only read for a few moments before you must close your eyes again)
5. You get to boast things like the fact that you slept for a total of 15-16 hours in the past 24. (though I'm sure a boast like that makes you all wish you were in our place instead, huh????)

the only boasting i hear here is the, "i'm married and you're not" variety.

why i oughtta...
ya well i have my pick of many girls.. your stuck with each other... suckers... :( awwww...
Man, I do all that stuff already, and I don't have the stupid stomach flu. Ha.
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