Monday, April 17

Top 5 Canadian Rock Bands

1. The Guess Who
2. The Tragically Hip
3. Rush
4. BTO
5. Corey Hart

i really think you should re-think this list.

for one,
i really think neil young and crazy horse, should be on this list. COME ON!!!!!!!!!! neil young is a rock icon and he's freaking Canadian!
who's neil young?!

dan, nevermind dan. i agree with you.
Neil Young is better than Corey Hart!
Beil Boung? I don't think that's a real person Dan.

Maybe you should rethink your sanity.
what about bryan adams??
celine dion, shania twain, bryan adams..anyone else noticing a pattern? canadians pretty much only do country and titanic
I am a big Neil Young fan,

I also think Leonard cohen should get a mention, though he is a single guy act.

what about Sum 41 for simply their mass abeal (eekk) haha
think you should have great big sea or the bare naked ladies in that list. Of course you should shoot me for suggesting them.
Its just that Corey Hart isn't a rock band
barenaked ladies... how could you forget... especially with the other hacks on this list! tragically hip... i'm pretty sure they just released the same album 12 times...
sam roberts
oh gosh this is getting ridiculous...just letting any old anonymous state their opinion...gosh!
i agree
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