Wednesday, April 5

Top 5 BC Towns

1. Baldy Hughes
2. Stoner
3. Yahk
4. Vesuvius
5. Evelyn

Ahhhh....Baldy Hughes..good times...
salmo should have made this list...
your a stoner!
if salmo makes the list, then richmond should too!

regardless, where the heck are any of these places??
yahk is on the way to Cranbook...the birthplace of both Donkers and Adin.
Stoner is between PG and Quesnel. I think 150 mile should have been on the list. Come on, as you are driving north it is so important that they count the miles down (or up however you want ot look at it) for you with lots of little signs until you get to 150mile. Some people think it is counting to 100 mile but nope, it ends at 150 mile.
also, Horsefly should make the list.
your mom should make the list!
dandy panda should make the list...... OF YOUR MOM!!!!!!!!
You forgot Ymir.
In the Kootney's baby
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