Thursday, April 27

5 Reasons I'm not sure I want the job I've been offered

1. It's at a place called the Marmalade Cat Cafe/Scallywags. I hate cats. And marmalade. And what even is a scallywag?
2. It's run by an older english couple who seem pretty nice, but a little weird and quirky. I'm not against weird and quirky, but I want a good manager.
3. The pay is less than what I'm making now (not that I really care about money, but it is a consideration).
4. I wouldn't just be serving coffee, but preparing and serving food as well.
5. No more Starbucks discount. No more Starbucks atmosphere. Even though I hate my job right now, I do actually like working for Starbucks.

Oh, what to do? What to do? I wish NOW Canada would just hire me already!

a scallywag is pirate slang!... YOU of all people should know that... since you always like to dress up as a PIRATE... yeesh.
that's what i thought...but what do pirates have to do with marmalade and cats??? it threw me off!
NOW Canada?!
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