Thursday, March 9

Top 5 Candidates for the Video Game Hall of Fame

1. Peter Yang - Contra in under 14 minutes - Wow, I gotta say i love the game, kinda started simultaneous Cooperative Combat

2. Bryan Dubien - Recently beat 24 the video game. Nice work fella

3. Jimmy Woods.

4. Daniel Kang - For Dominating Super Puzzle Fighter.

5. = With a Bullet = The annonymous Mario Master - Mario 3 in 11 minutes and utter perfection.
This is the most impressive thing I have seen in awhile. I love the game, and just wow. check out how he gets into the clouds in the first 15 seconds, than watch 8-1 - never has anyone used a tail so effectively taking as many free lives as he wants. its insane. and no one has beaten bowzer with that utter ease, wow. Seriously watch this.
Watch some of the other Mario conquesters: They just don't hold a candle to this guy.

pirate post: Dan Donkers - king of NHL 2006

I didn't even know the 24 game was out yet.

That mario 3 guy is unbelievable.
That was the bes 11 minutes i have ever spent.

dont forget to remember "the wizard"!
i wonder if anyone ever finished mario bros 3 without the whistle.

does ANYone know what the 7th world looks like?!?!
Ha, good question.
I sometimes tried to go all the way through. I'd always give up in the middle of the second world or so.
7th world looks really green.
7th world looks really green.
Ben: I included the wizard

I completed the entire game a few times, really fun way to spend a weekend

Level 7 is the pipe world
you can get the Beetle suit here: I find it hard to control, but cool all the same
Ok guys, I want you to know something about that guy in mario bros 3... he used an emulater and saved every 3 seconds just incase he screwed up he could go back and redo it. so, he's really not that impressive.
Dude, he didn't use an emulator, other dudes did... but not that guy, there is no evidence to support your claim
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