Monday, February 13

Top5 '06 Superbowl Commercials

5. Vault: Kickass Scarecrow (Man it up!)
4. Ameriquest Mortgage Co: That Killed Him
3. Emerald Nuts: Machetes and Druids
2. Bud Light: Secret Fridge
1. Sprint: Locker Room

Best commercial from a previous year:
2003: Reebok: Terry Tate - Office Linebacker

Best monkey commercial:
CareerBuilder: Monkey Party

Freakin' weirdest commercial:
Hummer: Giant Monsters

Um, what about the MacGyver one?!

Ok, granted, I didn't see any of them besides that one. But really, MacGyver. I don't see how anything could out-do him. I just can't see it.

I'm sorry Rob. I just don't. I can't.
Oh, man. How did I forget that one? I think that should belong in it's own category: Mastercard: MacGyver.
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