Wednesday, February 15

Top Five Things I Should Not Of Done Today

5. Eat so fast. i had a tummy ache.
4. Ask Mr Leland Cameron to test drive a car. he came along for the ride.
3. Eat so fast again. the thing that comes after tummy aches.
2. Neglect to obey the Stoney Creek Park sign. number one will explain. (Sign reads, appropriate ages of 7 - 12. parental supervion required)
1. Should not of climb up a slanted swingset pole. i slipped and slid... you could image how. don't ask to see my bruise this time.

Number 4 is hilarious. What a way to kill the fun...
Stoney Creek?
mmm yea stoney creek... pourquoi?
Can I just say that it's should HAVE done, not should of done.

Phew, that feels a whole lot better.
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