Wednesday, February 8

Top 5 Women in Film Right Now

1. Rachel McAdams. Talented and beautiful.
2. Laura Linney. Talented, and I love her unassuming charm.
3. Diane Keaton. Talented and aging gracefully.
4. Scarlet Johansson. Talented and endearing.
5. Hope Davis. Talented and underrated.

Up and comers: Melissa Mowatt - Talented and brilliant producer.

And all white women. I think you are racist...
What about Bea Arthur? I think you forgot this gem of a woman!
the term endearing is the most overused term by anyone who hangs out with Holly.
I'll endear you to my fist.
I agree with you . my favorite is Laura Linney one of the best!!
dan, i would like to say "bring it."
that is, endearing me to your fist... because after you did so, i could endear you to the emergency room, and then the extended care health unit.
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