Thursday, February 23

Top 5 Signs that Dr. Phil might be a Robot

1. He doesn't cry. Robots don't cry.
2. He has superhuman human helping powers. He thinks like a machine.
3. He don't take no crap from nobody. Much like a robot.
4. His eyes glow a deep red at night. You'll have to trust me on this one.
5. He eats canned fruit for breakfast. Without opening the can.

I've seen him give his guests hugs before. I don't think robots hug.
Maybe he doesn't have enough RAM to have feelings...
Beckey and my mom are in love with Dr.Phil, my mom is watching it right now actually.

--becky's brother
Dr.Phil has his own muppet character on Sesame named "Dr. Feel". Robots don't have their own muppets.
I dunno, "Dr. Feel" is a very 'robotic' name...
you all missed that dan just confessed to having sleep overs at 'doctor' phil's house.
much like the neverland ranch, 'doctor' phil paid dans parents not to tell anybody.
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