Monday, February 27

Top 5 Reasons I won't be buying a Blackberry

1. They're messy. I don't understand how you can talk on one.
2. They're just too small. You can't fit all those letters on even the biggest blackberry.
3. They store them in really thorny places. I don't want to have to deal with any pricks when I'm buying my blackberry.
4. They're only in season for a short time.
5. Number three was by far the cleverest. This post is over.

don't forget they look like calculators when you talk on them. it looks ridiculous.
don't forget that the blackberry industry is going to crumble: software producers (blackberry) are fighting hardware producers (motorolla, and others in some cases) for full rights to produce, and hardware producers are suing software producers for copyright? trademark? infringements? i'm not quite sure, but they are fighting it and the point of it all is that there is an impending suspension in service that may very well shut down the whole thing.
Why is it called a blackberry anyway? What a stupid name...

"Hang, on a minute, I have to talk on my aparagus..."


"Is that my avacado ringing?"

Now those are real phone names!
re: #2 -- perhaps we can live with less how often do we really use the 'q' and can't we usually use a 'c' or a 'k' with a 'w' anyway? And don't even get me started on the 'y'. I think the consonants should take a page out of the vowel's book -- have you ever noticed how many sounds each vowel has. We could totally do that with the consonants, therein making the blackberry more acceptable.
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