Thursday, February 9

Top 5 Reasons Drummers are Better than Bass Players.

1. Deep down everyone would rather be a drummer.
2. Chicks dig the drummer. Bass players get the screw job in this area. This one has been proven by years of research and experience.
3. Drummers need to have tremendous dexterity. Bass players just have to be good with there hands.
4. When the drummer is missing, everyone notices. When the Bass player is missing, people notice, but nobody cares.
5. Drum solos (not albums) are awesome. When was the last time you heard a good Bas solo that was not done by Victor Wooten or the guy from The Who?

I am amazing because I'm a drummer!
Robert Sledge, from the band formally known as Ben Folds Five, as been known to deliver a mean bass solo too. Unfortunatly, i personally think his new group International Orange sucks. dont waste your time. just remember his glory days with BEN FOLDS FIVE!
Otto, you disgust me... "the guy from The Who?" His name was John Entwhistle! Give the man some respect, after all, he died 3 years ago from a cocaine overdose!!!!
dang....I had forgotten his name and didn't bother looking it sue me Kang. You don't want to mess with me, I've concussed you once and will do it again!!!!
what the hell is concussed? Why all the 1990's teenage angst otto? enough of the bull Otto, we all get that "you're tough."

I'll be in abbotsford next weekend. You can take it out on me then, but I suggest you take all that fiery passion inside of you and direct it towards your homework.
I was just down at the super bowl and stumbled onto a crazy bass player. He was playing a stand up bass and wearing a wife beater, and singing. he was basically hammering the thing.... it was remarkable.


and everyone in the room was white... hehe... my friend pointed it out. Most of the other tents where of the African american heritage...
otto lets all be honest. If you were really as tough as you like to try make everyone think you are, you would be the ultimate fighting championship heavyweight title holder. You are not. In a fair fight, (that means no weapons or friends) Rivers would own you like he owns a value village t-shirt that says "nuke a puke".
all this to say that a bass player who can play drums well or a drum player who can play bass well must be pretty darn hot
You know, #2 and #3 seem to say to me that Bass players are, in fact, more like to get the ladies.

"Bass players get the screw job..."
"Bass players just have to be good with their hands."

Need I say more?
BTW, I laughed at this sentence:

"...the guy from The Who"!

Oh, the irony!

(Otto, you're a funny guy!)
I've seen Otto punch Kang.
I've seen the blood of Kang on my own travel pillow.
In a fair fight, I just have to give it to Otto.
1% of the world's population plays a/some drum(s). this is the most populace of musicians.

kang, what's up with the upfront, millenium in-your-face attitude? we all get that "you're smart". if you were as smart as you make yourself out to be, you would read your bible and love on the man, instead of hack him down.

stick that in your pipe and smoke it.
honestly guys...I dig the bass players...drummers are great...but I appreciate a good bassist
Andrew...lay off Kang. It was a loving joke type thing between friends. I have much respect for the man. In fact, he is one of the people I look up to. Lets all play nice. Please.
Otto, I think you and I need to use our "teenage angst" and direct it towards andrew... with your fists and my korean wit, he won't stand a chance.
can i join's always fun to give andy a little pummelling.
Heh, leave it up to you guys to have conflict on weblogs.

You all know I could take all three of them on at once. Yeah, I said it. What? WHAT?!?! BRING IT!!!
i can't believe you all want to hurt me.

did you learn nothing at college? nothing??!

besides, if a bassist and drummer were to get into a fight, surely a drummer would win. a drummer has atleast two sticks to whip with, and a bassist has a very heavy, very slow bass guitar, that he can really only swing once. besides, drummers have timing, soemthing that most bassists lack.
I got your back, Andrew.
Hey Monte....just so we're clear...we're talking about Mcgregor, not Blackwood...I mean its cool if you want to stand up for Mcgregor....but just in case you got the Andrews confused, you can still join the Mcgregor lynching. Or not. Your choice really.
"concussed" is the past tense of concussion, meaning he's given you a concussion before.
I have always had a soft spot for helping the little guy. One day it will be my downfall I am sure.
you guys are crazy.
ummmm, go bass?!
Oh my Lord.
How in the world did this post generate 25 comments? wtf otto, wtf....

anyways... it is a well known fact that tamborine dancers beat out bass players and drummers... no contest at all.

In every band i've been in, i've seen the ladies flock and throw themselves at the tamborinist.

no contest.
26 comments in a day and a pandemonium I tells ya. And yes, even I throw myself at the tamborine dancers.
I don't like odd I'm making it 28

Please update- I'm getting bored.
I think Trumpet players just rule over every's true...

This is an another friendly message from 'Lifeisshortbutsweetforcertain's brother and also 'Becky's brother as-well.
i find it interesting that you are all commenting on how many comments you are getting for this post.
its comment pandemonium! (pretend i know how to spell that word)

donkers i wasn't really pickin otto or kang sides, i was just talking trash. and for the record, i think if anybody punched anyone in the face, there is usually blood :) whether or not it gets on your travel pillow is another story.

31 and counting... lets make it 50!
Pickles are tasty.
Oh, another comment! About pickles. I love the pickles. Mmmmm.
me too. i like pickles... in sandwiches no less. mInd you, i like olives more. most people don't like olives. i like the green ones.
green olives are so much better than black ones. or pickles...
why you ask? because they don't have to be soaked in vinegar before you eat them.
this is just out of hand.


you should all be ashamed of yourselves and gain your composure.
Obviously that man hates pickles. And olives.
are we still allowed to post after other posts have been added?...I'm going to have to post twice here to make it even again...thanks for evening them out on my blog're a pal.
here it is
We are all very ridiculous people. Thanks for making this retarded post one of the most commented on in Stopfive history.
yes.... it is alot of comments isn't it?
It's not that many at all
why you little!
dot dot dot
odd numbers . . .
true enough
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