Thursday, February 9

Top 5 Reasons Bass Players are Better than Drummers:

1. Bass players are a comfortable mix of both rhythm and melody. We do it all.
2. Bass players can put out entire albums of just Bass. Lets face it, unless you are a drummer, most people will not want to listen to an hour of just drums. Victor Wooten has proved that a Bass album can sell.
3. When Bass players makes a mistake, people assume they are being innovative. When a drummers make a mistake, people assume they are being a tool.
4. Bass players don't need translators.
5. After much scientific research, it has been concluded that ther has never been a non-cute female Bass player. Ever. Female drummers....aside from the few exceptions, they tend to be a manly group.

Don't need translators. Heehee. It's so true.
Exception to #5: Rocker Shari.
I made room for such drummers like Rocker Shari and others like Rocker Shari
have you heard is version of amazing grace? It's sweet

--Lifeisshortbutsweetforcertain's brother
bass chicks = awesome
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