Sunday, February 19

Top 5 People Sightings at the Super Bowl

1. John Madden - biggest man I have seen in a long time. wow. he is absolutely huge. I saw him get into a tour bus, with atleast 3 plasma screen tvs.
2. Franco Harris - cool looking dude and he was super hyped all weekend.
3. Chad Johnson - I was wearing a bengals Jersey and the dude snubbed me. Great story, not a great guy. (also... so small, I could take him)
4. Warren Moon/Hines Ward - I saw them hug in Ford Stadium. It was a touching moment as far a football goes.
5. Reggie Jackson - MR. OCTOBER - haha, he was with Al Sharpton

Notable exception: the chick from ANTM who wouldn't cut her hair, in a super low class bar at 2 pm. She was leaving another cooler bar that had just let out. probably trying to wait for a ride that never came :( they ended up just walking. She was very pretty though.

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