Friday, February 24

Top 5 Extracurricular Activities (Based on my actual High School Experiences)

1. Jazz Band
2. Choir
3. Jazz Choir
4. The School Musical
5. Youth Group

Where the hell are you, Dan?
Did you go to work today?
I couldn't find you.
Top 5 Extracurricular Activities for me right now:

1. Vedder Middle Jazz Band
2. Vedder Middle Concert Band
3. Vedder Middle Tour Band
4. Fraser Valley Youth Pipe Band (FVYPB)
5. Chilliwack Community Band makes me drool....which could quite possibly be why IT IS THE BEST SUBJECT IN THE ENTIRE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!

Signing off with my dignity tuct-taped to my shoe...

--Cameron 'Bulls-Eye' Kenis

(Lifeisshortbutsweetforcertain's and Becky's Brother)
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