Tuesday, February 14

holly's top five seizure symptoms

1. The face squeeze. usually happens only in the presence of hot guys. looks like creepy overdone wink. customers look confused. I'm so hot.
2. finger twitch. freaky when I forget about it because out of the corner of my eye it looks like something trying to crawl up my arm.
3.the dizzies. Its like being drunk, swaying to and fro. Can be fun if I avoid walls and corners...especially corners
4. The brain squeeze. kind of like a cramp of the brain. It feels like cold water being poured over my brain. ick
5. throwing up. this is by far the worst. nobody ever likes to throw up.
not a funny post, unless you're scottish. but cathartic none the less.

haha, your messed.... what oh what have the doctors done to your brain lass?
wow, what brings on these strange symptoms?
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