Wednesday, July 26

Top five moments of July 26th

1. Meeting Jen for breakfast at Tim Horton's
2. Heading out to Yarrow and checking out the thrift store there that I have been wanting to go into for over a year - it had some good stuff, got some stellar earrings!
3. Deciding that since we had some time to kill we should return to the thrift store and buy some shorts and tanks for swimming and head to Vedder River. - I ended up with some cool 80's style baby blue short shorts(very Dan Kang at 80's night). Maybe I tried them on over my pants and got some strange looks from the elderly woman from Paraguay that happened to be working that day.
4. Trying to find said river with vague, half remembered directions - I think she said left, no I am sure she said right.....
5-with a bullet - checking to make sure the coast was clear before changing into our new swim wear only to realize that by some oversight we happened to be in plain view of a few young, male campers...


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