Monday, June 12

Top 5 Zombie Social Commentaries

1. 28 Days Later : Zombies are moderately less scary than your average army
2. Dawn of the Dead: Zombies United will never be defeated
3. Day of the Dead: Zombies are moderately less scary than your average scientist
4. Land of the Dead : Money can’t buy happiness or protection from Zombies
5. Night of the Living Dead : Zombies don’t kill people guns kill people, who are then further killed by zombies

Are male and female zombies called the same thing?
Or is a female one a zombie and a male one a zombo, or maybe once your a zomb(bie/bo)you become gender neutral.
I think the terms male and female would still apply. I mean, aside rom the being dead and insatiable bunger for the living, they are still humans. Just walking, dead humans. Go figure.
Damn bunger. Stupid laptop keyboard. It is hunger! Hunger!!!!
You forgot Shaun of the Dead - Zombies bring lovers together.
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