Tuesday, March 21

Top Five WWF Finishing Moves

1. The DDT. Made all the more potent when you throw in the large snake that slithers over the poor victim of this vicious manuever.

2. Superfly Snuka off the top rope. What's more intimidating then a 250 pound, half naked Samoan coming flying down at you spread eagled. I'll tell you what's more intimidating, Nothing!

3. The Sleeper Hold. Its all in the name, this move put you to sleep, what a great name, they should name all the moves like this, instead of figure four it should be the leg breaker, instead of bear hug, it should the awkward move that does no damage except to make the victim uncomfortable.

4. The Hulk Hogan Leg Drop. I swear I don't understand this one, I mean, does Hogan's one leg contain 85% of his body weight or is his skin really rough or what. Everytime this move went down the guy didn't get up. Unbelievable, I think Matt Hughes should try this one in the UFC.

5. The Demolition Finisher. You know where the one guy holds the other guy over his lap and the Demolition guy goes off the rope onto his neck, classic. I must say though, those outfits were quite disturbing. Was that meant to be intimidating or was it meant to say, hey we're living an alternative lifestyle and we're proud of it, don't mess with Demolition!

Eagerly awaiting the Submission holds Top 5
Top 5 Jujitsu submission holds

1. Kamura - just when they think they've got you righ where they want you... whammo broken shoulder!

2. Traingle choke - whats cooler than choking someone with there own shoulder?

3. Guilotine - perfect for the unsuspecting person that trys to grab your kick

4. Rear naked choke - really the most effective way to kill someone with your bare hands in under 60 seconds... i mean... if your into that sort of thing...

5. Arm Bar - if they just won't let you get that triangle choke in place, distract them with a broken arm.
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