Thursday, March 23

top five reason Intro to Worship is an awesome class

1. I have an hour and fifteen minutes twice a week to perfect my left handed writing.
2. It's funny (in a sad way) to watch Lillian try to guide us to the 'right answer' and then get the big happy eyed look when we finally get it right.
3. Luke Knight's compleat inability to stand even the slighest hint of stupidity.
4. We have learned one thing and one thing only, worship is not just music. And we learn it over and over and over...
5. one girl sits in the back and makes no effort to hide the fact that she is filing her nails the entire time, i am not sure she picked up a pen once. And even so she could easily get 101% on exam.

Allie you are amazing and I agree 100%...pretty sad...oh hey, is that my money going down the toilet??
it's in good company, gotta love being in debt a fair chunk and not even learning anything useful for the money. Nice.
allie, your post seems to make Intro to Worship seem like a dullard's class, instead of "an awesome class" as you have identified it.

are you in denial? do you delude yourself? do you so easily forget the mundainity and brainlessness of the class?

suggestion for future stop five list: "Top Five psycho-traumas resultant from Intro to Worship", #1 being "Allie's denial"

Just be stoked that you don't have to play in part 2 or 3 of that class. You think you like wasting money, try playing the trifecta of lost funds. Frig, I should have skipped the whole process and gone straight to despondency and beggary. It would have been less mind numbing.
Imagine this if you will, you learn the same thing as you...however you have Dave Beesley as a teacher, but bonus you learn two worship is not just music...and 2 there is a tabernacle model that we all decided in class was garbage, but we should center our worship services around it...suck on the a to the llie

do you so easily forget the Dave-Beesley-boot-to-the-ass-out-of-our-school scandal we suffered last year?

clearly, lillian hildebrandt teaches it now.
Thanks for telling me andrew...CLEARLY I was saying the my intro to worship was stupendously more horrific than thats not nice!
"Dave-Beesley-boot-to-the-ass-out-of-our-school sclandel we suffered last year?"

i highly doubt you suffered that much from his resignation. But i bet it's safe to say that he lost a lot from it.

i think that comment you made was really insensitive. (Even if you never liked the guy.)
I fell bad that my post has come to such an unkind end. I shall not post again... at least nothing so unkind as to mock a class in which a teacher tries so hard.
Puppies are cute, sure. But for my money, nothing's as cute as a kitten.
Amen Dan..
i do not share your perception of insensitivity.

i neither mock nor belittle either teacher.

for the record, i think that dave beesley is a very intellectual, well-educated teacher who, when pushed, taught the subject matter with flare and personality. lillian has such a heart for education that it's scary; she has lost sleep over the status of her classes, and is very methodical in her teaching.

i merely meant to inform or clarify that dave beesley no longer teaches at summit, and that lillian teaches instead.
Oh how sad when our hastily uttered words inflict wounds we never intended to visit on others.

I'm guilty of this more often than I like to think.

Weblogs can be such dangerous places.
I stand by the complete waste of money, 'cause seriously, fuck that noise.
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