Saturday, March 11

Top Five Nicknames I Would Like To Have

1. Boomer.
How do you mess with a guy named Boomer? "Yo man git out the way.....oh, sorry Boomer I didn't know that was you in the khakis and the burnt orange polo shirt, my bad."

2. The Thunder From Down Under
Obviously I am geographically challenged for this name, I live in Oakville, I was born and raised in Halifax which could lead to the Beast From the East, but its just not the same.

3. Ace.
This is like the quintessential cool name. "Hey ladies, the name is Ace, I like your face, hop in my car and come to my place." I am sure you can see why I do not have such a cool nickname.

4. The Hammer.
The only thing that would make this an uncool nickname is if you were to bestow upon yourself and do some cheap gimmick to get people to refer to you as the Hammer.

5. Big Ugly.
I don't know why this is such an appealing nickname, maybe its like calling a fat guy tiny, I don't know -it just works.

i don't know who you are... i don't mind calling you Big Ugly, if that's what you want...
Andrews new name is going to be Boomer. just because i say so.
I knew a guy named boomer. Actually it was his last name. He was kinda tall and skinny... must be like the tiny thing.

Rich "Ace" Franklin is my martial arts hero.

#4 sounds like someone i know ;)
Is "The Tool" a good nickname?

Is it?

Guys . . .?
perhaps "the tool of your destruction" would be good.
or "Tim "the tool" man taylor" is acceptable in a handy sort of way.
but just "the tool" well... it makes you sound like a tool.


"The Hammer" isn't quite enough on its own. There are many types of Hammer, thus requiring a more specific rendering of the nickname.

Another nickname that might possibly work well is "Breadnought".
I'm pretty sure Bryan likes to be called "The Hammer"
And we all know that Dan is the "Tool"
You might not beleive this, but at random times in my life, I had the nickname Ace and The Hammer. It's true, no lie. Neither of them stuck, mostly b/c I moved away. Ang
geez guys
Everybody knows that if you could give yourself a nickname, you'd call yourself "The Duke." That the reason you're not allowed to give yourself nicknames, because in the end, though we posture around with self-titles like "The Hammer," we'd all be called the Duke in the end,
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