Wednesday, March 29

Top Five Advantages to Having Kids Under 3

5. Snacks aplenty - Wherever you go, you always have a snack handy, maybe cheerios, maybe arrowroots. Even in church, you just pretend to give it to your kid and you can munch away at will.

4. Cartoons aplenty - Before the kids came along my wife would look with disdain as I watched animated television, but now, now I can simply plant a kid next to me and have an instant comeback for her stare.

3. Laughs aplenty - Here's my most recent example - my 1 year old is constantly going around the house and whenever she comes upon something that is her sitting height, such as the bottom step or a step stool etc. she says "sit" many times as she sits there - however, her "sit" is pronounced with a an extra letter "h" somewhere in the middle which brings a whole new flavour to the word. Thus I can say as she goes toward the stairs: "Peyton, what do you do in the bathroom when you sit?"

2. Exercise aplenty - I mean serious, constantly piucking up the kids, and then there's the marathon playground sessions and games of hide and seek.

1. Stress Relief aplenty - There is nothing that makes you forget the crappy shift you may have just had at work or the stressful client you just had to deal with for 12 hours like a 2 year old giving you hug and stuffing a spoonful of yogurt in your mouth.

haha, yes and often those snacks can be found anywhere you are... like between your car seats, or under the table... in your couch... or be shoved in your mouth by a 2 year old... haha kids.. funny
i hate kids.
And kids hate you. Or so I hear.
no its true
but thats ok, they're allowed to hate my alter ego.... even I hate THAT guy!
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