Tuesday, February 21

Top Five Things I Like To Call People

1. Man - This is one of my worst habits because I start to feel like Cheech, "Hey Man", "How is it going man". Although it can some time be anoying it does come in handy in ackward situations where you forget someones name that you really should know.
2. Guy - Although I have cut this down since grade 9 it still comes up for a cameo once and a while. This term was used alot in High School however it appears only amongst my group of friends as many would make fun of my excessive use of the word when adressing people!
3. Brother - This is such a friendly term and I really love using it. It is one of the most common phrases I use when speaking with other individuals. I am unsure why but I use it often.
4. Dog - Although it is obvious that the individual I am addressing is not a K-9 I sometimes enjoy the random use of the word Dog in my sentences. Such as "That is true my Dog!" And "Whats up dog"! Although some people, such as my grandmother, looks at me wierd when I use this phrase I enjoy throwing it in once and a while.
5. Holmes - This ebonic phrase is great when I am hanging around friends that are willing to let me away with it. I have also taken it for a test drive with some younger Gangsta's representin Oakville's hood! Although they laugh I truly feel as the except me as their own when using it. Its a warm feeling.

For those of you who read my last blog with my Night Shift Partner Tim. We have some updated news about our friend C. Monster. It is my sad duty to inform you that after our interview Mr. Monster O.D'd on the letter F and had to be checked into treatment. You can check here for live updates on his condition.

shouldn't "holmes" be "homes"...?

considering it's ebonic, where the term "homeboy" was coined oh-so-many years ago, the next generation ebonic shortened it to "homes"

clearly, i'm not black... err... well, not clearly. but in any case, ebonics is such a fast morphing language i don't know how anybody knows how to spell anything.
I think that the next generation ebonizers were major Arthur Conan Doyle fans. As a tribute to his work, they decided to call their friends "Holmes".
hmmmm... ill i understand is... katie holmes.
Katie Holmes...
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