Thursday, February 23

Top five reasons we are having a great time in london.

1. all the accents! the kids are so cute!
2. we managed to only get a little lost on our way to the hostel - it took foever on the tube by the way....holy!
3. our hostel is so great! filled with really neat people... and the rooms are sweet - ours is all pink
4. we are here together... melis and i... thats what the hostel lady calls her....
5. we just had the best dinner ever! not only was the food and the service good (they put our napkins on our laps) but they gave us each a rose and offered us complimentary drinks (wich we politly refused)

thats us, havnt slept in over 30 hours, are wet and tired but walking the streets of london with a rose in our hands. Itr cant possibly get more amazing than that!

sorry for the spelliung, the letters on the keys here are all faded and unreadable..

i'm going to go ahead and second allie's post.

i think it captures things so far pretty perfectly.
"Please mind the gap"
Hi guys...glad to hear you got there alright! I miss you does mom who I'm talking to on the phone right now.


Also, thanks for everyone's hospitality in Abbotsford. I had a really good time. :P
You guys have to go to picadilly square in the evening it rocks
thats the plan for tonight i do believe
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