Monday, February 27

Top five reasons Hostel Happy Days is Awesome!

1. It is your average two and a half bedroom apartment with thirteen beds crammed into it.
2. The hot water tank for the ONE SHOWER is about the size of a bar fridge.
3. It is equipped with both a toilet and a bidet - the toilet has no seat and the bidet is pumping water into the washing machine that is also in the bathroom.
4. The matresses look like they are from the 1870's and sag deeply in the middle.
5. -with a bullet- Melissa woke up sandwiched between two strange men.

If ever you are in Rome and want to stay in a hostel close to the Vaican this is the place for you, but its claims of free internet are all lies. But dont worry we are safe - Derek the Marine from Boston has our back - and we are having a gret time.

I'm glad Derek let you borrow his cellphone.
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